Nørgård Mikkelsen has a long tradition of working with retail. And an equally long tradition of increasing both basket size and traffic to stores. With leading retail chains such as Matas, Bog & idé, YouSee and Fri Bikeshop on our customer list, we know all the issues chains often struggle with.


    B2B is an area we know inside out. We have helped B2B brands such as Bygma, Schneider Electrics, Christian Hansen and Damixa to build their brand, generate internal pride, nurture leads and create relevance with their respective target groups.


    At Nørgård Mikkelsen we have always had a taste for anything to do with food. We are driven by an insatiable curiosity for trends, products and consumer insights, which over the years has made us one of Denmark's strongest food agencies.


    Working for banks, insurance companies and pension companies is very much about creating reassurance and making the value you get as a customer visible – not least by building a credible brand you can trust through relevant content and communication.


    Digital marketplaces like Amazon are now one of our competences when it comes to both strategic consulting and day-to-day work on the platform.


    It's not enough to let Google Search control your brand if you want to be the king or queen of e-commerce. Our work with e-commerce customers such as RetNemt Måltidskasser and underlines the importance of brand-building for driving sales.