As in everything we do, we take a holistic view of your business in the digital field. We insist that marketing, web shop, CRM, newsletters, social media, outdoor and the physical in-store experience must all work together to deliver a great consumer experience.

    Digital strategy

    Digital media and digital touchpoints are a natural and integral part of all customer journeys. Your digital strategy is about choosing the right platforms, channels and technologies to support your business and your customers' needs.


    When consumers are asked, the website is the most trusted channel for marketing and communication. We can help you design and develop the right website from scratch or get the most out of your current site, whether you want to use the site as a source of first-party data or to create the perfect, seamless customer journey towards purchase.

    We're experienced in all the major CMSs, so whether we use HubSpot, Umbraco, Episerver, WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal or something else entirely is up to you.

    UX design

    Digital tools should be both easy and smooth to use. That's why UX and digital design are core competences for us. We're used to wearing the end-user hat, and we insist that our solutions add value to every interaction. Our approach is always based on insight into user behaviour. This can be user needs mapping through interviews and focus groups, or through live monitoring of user behaviour on the site via tools such as Hotjar, eye tracking or website analytics.

    Landing pages

    For campaigns, we often develop landing pages that are optimised to give users the best experience and desire to spend time with us. If a landing page can be developed on your existing infrastructure, we'll work on that. Otherwise, we have a range of suitable landing page tools we can use – without getting locked into Facebook or other external media tools, because we insist you own your data.

    Please get in touch if you want to find out more about how we can help you.

    Henrik Rewes

    Head of Digital & Partner