Social media

No one can doubt the importance of social media. It's a tough business that requires a clear strategy, sure-footed management and a healthy dose of curiosity. You'll find that, as a partner, we insist that you dip your toes into the new channels that are emerging so that you always have the optimal mix.

Advisory services

How do you use social media in a way that is relevant and engaging for your customers while also helping you achieve your business goals? And how do you know when the timing is right to get on board with TikTok, Clubhouse or the next new social media? That's what you have us to answer.


Social media must generate business value, and that's what we're strategising around. We'll make sure you use the right media, whether your goal is awareness, preference through time spent or direct sales. And every single hour, we work to make the most of the channels we have in place.

Creative development

Being good at producing juice, bread or schnapps doesn't mean that you're also good at creating a Facebook Instant Experience. But users expect it: That you understand the medium as well as they do. So, by combining your knowledge and our skills, we can ensure interesting content that reinforces your overall brand story on the users' and media's terms.

Content production

We can help you plan this year's action, so that together, we have a good overview of the big picture. This leaves room for improvisation and acting when the unexpected happens, or the right newsjacking idea arises.

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Henrik Rewes

Digital Direktør & Partner