We develop videos for all purposes and platforms. From short, concise 6-second videos for use on digital platforms, to classic TV spots and longer videos for use both internally and externally.


    When the very first TV commercials screened on TVSYD back in 1987, Nørgård Mikkelsen was involved from the onset and contributed no less than 4 commercials. Since then, we have used TV as an important platform for communicating a wide range of messages. From Minna & Gunnar, who taught us that eating fish wasn't too bad in the 1990s, popular characters like Rynke or Luffe & Sjanne, to the introduction of a whole new beauty concept for Matas, which has since become Skønnere Sammen ("More Beautiful Together"). A lot has changed since the first commercials more than 30 years ago, and commercials today play a completely different role, which we are of course still active in and committed to working on.

    Digital platforms

    There is a battle for attention on digital platforms, where success is measured in seconds rather than minutes. It's about being able to convey a message that's both eye-catching and informative in as little as 6 seconds, but with our creative specialists and in-house media agency working together, we always find the right format for your message, which can be anything from bumper ads on YouTube to a paid social on Facebook and addressable spots on TV.


    There is a big difference between trying to sell a product to the general consumer and to specialised professionals. We help our clients with the right B2B communication through strong brand videos and tactical video presentations, i.a. strengthening their presence at trade fairs and conferences.

    Internal sales and company narratives

    No successful business without a strong internal culture. We help you communicate your company's core story and values through small and large videos, which you can use to welcome new colleagues and strengthen the culture among employees.

    A small selection of videos we are particularly proud of

    Please get in touch if you want to find out more about how we can help you.

    Bodil Ibsen

    COO & Partner